Bethany and Ethan- Naples, FL

These two hotties are some of my dearestttt friends. (Had to say dearestttt so you'd really believe me.) In my first blog, I talk about my friend Ethan, who sold me my first DSLR. This is that Ethan! And his mermaid wife, Bethany. I love them so much and have learned so much from them regarding photography, yes, but also in life. They're the kind of friends that are few and far between...and what I long for in human relationship. This shoot looks like it was in the fields of the midwest (where the three of us met in college) but behold! It IS in fact Naples! They visited Will and I for a few days in March and it was the happiest of times. Also, they're stupid photogenic and I beg them to model for me pretty much every time we're together, I think?  Enjoy scrolling through these!!